Hi, my name is Allie K. Campbell & I'm the founder of Square Peg Coworking.
I’m a grown-ass lady with debilitating ADHD, on a quest to create entertaining & educational content & build the first-ever coworking space for the neurodivergent masses - with a queer, and sober touch, of course. 

My goal with Square Peg Coworking is to create a new standard for how neurodivergent people work, collaborate, and make meaning of their day-to-day lives. As someone who has experienced the pain and struggle that comes with being a square peg forced into a round hole my entire life, my commitment to the neurodivergent community knows no bounds. 

It's important to me that we straddle the line of productivity and play, and never take ourselves too seriously. I wouldn't have made it this far had I not been able to laugh at myself. Basically my words to you are: have fun & get shit done. 

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