Live, Remote ADHD Coworking on TikTok


Join me and dozens of other ADHD folks on my live ADHD coworking sessions streaming weekly on TikTok. As I continue to build Square Peg Coworking, my livestreams on TikTok will continue to be unscheduled. Right now, I'm hosting them as often as I possibly can - so please be patient with me! Follow me on TikTok.

The best way to stay updated on when I'll be hosting an ADHD Coworking session on TikTok (for now) is to follow me as a creator on Buy Me A Coffee, where I send out emails about when the next coworking session is. You don't need to buy me one in order to follow the page! So get to it. Follow me as a creator on Buy Me A Coffee. 

Explain to me what goes on in these sessions.

Each session is guided by a SPC Host, whose camera will always be on. They keep track of the timer and the music. Whether or not you want to keep your camera on, is completely up to you. Think, Pelaton but way less sweating. We hang out, listen to (non-lyrical) music, and work on whatever we need to or want to work on. This combination of the time blocking (the pomodoro method) & remote coworking has proven to help hundreds of ADHD and other neurodivergent people have fun and get shit done. The format is as follows: 25-minute focused work session > 5-minute break/chat.


Built for and by ADHD minds, open to all. 

ADHD Coworking Playlists
Here are the playlists I use most often during my ADHD coworking sessions. I'll try to update this page as I create new ones. 
ADHD Coworking: Arabic Trap Spotify Playlist
ADHD Coworking: EDM Spotify Playlist
ADHD Coworking: LoFi Video Games Spotify Playlist
ADHD Coworking: Spooky EDM Spotify Playlist